The Main Advantages of Findeva Pneumatic Vibrators:

  • Small body for excellent power to weight ratio. Findeva is the pioneer in the use of aluminum bodies (instead of cast iron) to optimize this advantage. 
  • Easy and cheep speed adjustability. Controlling the flow of air with a simple valve adjusts the speed to the ideal frequency.  
  • Rugged, simple construction with few moving parts for minimum downtime, low maintenance and long life.  
  • Easy and quick replacement of vibrators from Findeva's extensive inventory reduces the risk of production downtime.  
  • Findeva's extensive line of over 60 models is likely to include the one you need for your specific frequency and power  
  • No risk of explosion. 

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K-Series. Good balance of speeds and forces
R-Series. High frequency/high centrifugal forces with simple design
DAR- Series. Heavy-duty performance even with excessive radial amplitudes.
T-Series. Lower speed range and large working moment
FP-Series, Ideal for feeder applications
Powerful stoke at low pressure


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